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when you reflect upon your life … what stands out?

Usually I remember the times when I made a choice and I want to think about what could have happened if … ?

If I had applied myself in the sciences in high school and I had gone to the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor ME which I would have LOVED to go to …

If I had actually done what I wanted to do in college … become an English major, but I became a Theatre Studies major because I was afraid of Old English …

If I had stayed in Poland longer and actually learned the language completely and maybe decided to stay there … it is a lovely country

If I had stayed in New Hampshire longer and continued work there with students and craft stores and…

If my husband had lived and we had stayed in Stonington …

There are moments when I would love to see the alternate reality … like that episode in the original Star Trek when they find a planet in which the Roman Empire continued unchecked and there were cars and airplanes and gladiators …

I do not regret the decisions I made in life — I think that given the information I had at any moment in my personal history, I made the best choices; however in moments when I can reflect … I wonder, where would I be if I had gone into the sciences and studied Human Ecology in Bar Harbor ME? I doubt I would be living where I am now!


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  1. I am just so glad your choices led us to be friends. {{hugs}}

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